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Public Safety & Health

I’m committed to strengthening and working on critical issues impacting public safety and health. I will work with our police officers to ensure safer communities for all and this includes: investing resources, increasing incentives to join the police force, and creating effective response strategies across all neighborhoods. The health of our community is of high importance, so I will work on prioritizing funding, as well as enacting people-focused and equitable policies in healthcare, air quality and water conservation. I will work to ensure the issue of homelessness is addressed and provide resources such as mental health support services and shelters to uplift and support our unhoused community.

Improving Infrastructure

I’m committed to investing in projects that benefit the people of Stockton and the region such as transportation efficiency, quickly fixing potholes, and preparing for future climate-related floods and weather. I will ensure we revisit and invest in updated protocols to help with flood and storm damages. Transportation is vital in how we move around Stockton and I will work with key stakeholders and you to provide transparency in how we map out our routes and response times. Safety is critical with our infrastructure so I will work to reassess our crosswalks and build additional ones with lighted warnings.

Local Economy & Jobs

I’m committed to working with leaders from all working sectors that promote programs and incentives that actually create high paying jobs in District 4 and in Stockton. I will work with the business community and work on providing direct support to our small businesses. This includes being accessible, providing transparency on where funds are going and revitalizing key areas such as the Miracle Mile and Yosemite Street Village. There is great potential in applying for grants and additional funding to expand our spaces, create more parking, and beautify our storefronts and roads.

Ways to Support

Online Donations

Volunteer / Host event

Checks mailed to:

Mario Enríquez for City Council 2024

C/O Tabletop Strategies

11 S San Joaquin St. Suite #805
Stockton, CA. 95202

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